Wiktor – Airly CEO – LIVE

It was a pleasure hosting a Fireside Chat with Airly CEO: Wiktor Warchałowski. Pretty busy as they’re about to announce details of a new round, Wiktor still found a 30-minute slot for BB VC.

Two succesful investment rounds with global VC players during the four years of the company’s existence – speak for themselves. At different stages of a startup’s development, the expectations of investors, and therefore the communication addressed to them, differ radically. This is why you need to put a lot of effort into appropriate preparations for startup’s fundraising process to complete successfully.

Recording available on our YouTube channel

140 calls and presentations for investors in 2021 only – all requiring “full body experience” from a CEO.
Oskar Grzegorczyk, BB VC Partner, talked to Wiktor about this and other details from the backstage of Airly – a place where employees feel that they are doing something cool and important.

Photo: Our first shared office filled with Banksy’s artwork and Airly’s sensors, Jan 2017