Water Bubble Technologies


Water Bubble Technologies (Piaseczno) – Jacek Kosiec’s team backed up by Andrzej Mróz, an extraordinary inventor, whose first aim is using their micro- and nanobubble technology (MNB) to revolutionize the wastewater treatment industry, and after that: sky is the limit!

This multi-purpose technology has all the potential needed for commercialization with planned applications ranging from food production/preservation, energy industry, diagnostics/therapy to space industry (you need the satellites to be as clean as it gets!)


Jacek Kosiec & Andrzej Mróz, Co-Founders

This technology allows for incredibly manifold applications ranging from space technology, through manufacturing and agriculture, to healthcare, water purification and waste water treatment and even household uses. They joined experience coming from chemical engineering and space industry to develop, with suport of the investors, a revolutionary technology of dispersing sub-micron gas bubbles in liquids, mainly water, which allows for months-long preservation of gas in a liquid and thus a new semi-state of matter.

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