Silvair (San Francisco, Kraków) run by Rafał Han, an American company that recently made an IPO on Warsaw Stock Exchange and is now going global with its complete and flexible lighting control solutions based on Bluetooth® mesh networking technology – which they co-created and introduced as a global standard (!); component manufacturers can easily integrate Silvair’s tech into a variety of products, flexibly choosing specific features and capabilities matching customers’ needs; an intelligent lighting platform includes dedicated tools for commissioning and managing connected lighting systems in commercial buildings, effectively future-proofing them against increasingly stringent energy codes – and that’s what ahead of the curve means.


Rafał Han, CEO & Co-Founder

one of the most recognizable figures of the startup industry in Poland. A business angel and co-founder of several innovative projects, including CoLab and Estimote. He was behind the successes of DuckieDeck and, and a founder of HanBright – gathering companies that provide value for children, parents and preschools.

Szymon Slupik, CTO & Co-founder

Chair of the Mesh Working Group at Bluetooth SIG and the leading contributor / author of the mesh model specification, delivering extremely deep and well thought architecture that has been fundamental to the success of mesh. He has been a co-author of the ground-breaking concept of Mesh Device Properties. Szymon has also authored the Beacons for Channel indication and beacon management FRDs. He led the effort to create the Mesh Professional Lighting Subgroup and is the co-author and contributor to the IEC 62386 (DALI) Model FRD.

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