Secfense (Kraków), managed by Tomek Kowalski & Marcin Szary – an experienced team with a fresh and very fast developing cyber-security project; with our investment, they’ve accelerated the work on tested prototypes to build a User Access Security Broker providing 2FA / MFA identification methods that function independently from protected applications in the infrastructure of potential customers – again, a bold strategy of delivering solutions that are well ahead of the market.


Tomasz Kowalski, CEO & Co-Founder

experienced in IT, B2B sales in banking, and e-commerce. Tomasz introduced high-tech startups to the Polish market, and migrated high-profile institutions’ entire infrastructure to the cloud.

Marcin Szary, CTO & Co-Founder

a tech professional with a focus on the security and identity management space. Marcin has served as CTO for multiple startups in mobile, telecom, and security spaces.

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