Medsy events


Medsy Events (Białystok) is an experienced team developing the first of its type global marketplace with conferences for the medical market. The innovative business model addresses its value proposition to three stakeholder groups: physicians, medical event organizers, and pharmaceutical companies. For doctors, it will be one-stop-shop with hundreds of events, where they will be able to buy tickets and take part in any hybrid and online event. Organizers and pharmaceutical companies, thanks to the integration with a top event management application, will get an invaluable tool for the creation and promotion of any event addressed to physicians.

BB VC’s investment is aimed at the consolidation of the event technology within a common market place and the scaling of the business model to global markets.


Tomasz Tamborski, Co-Founder & CEO

Tomek is an entrepreneur with 20 years of experience and in his career was - among others - a long-term president of a pharmaceutical marketing agency. He is a marketer by education.

Jarosław Łuczak, Co-Founder

Jarek is also an entrepreneur with 20 years of experience, specialist in creating technological solutions supporting business. He is a computer scientist and econometrics specialist by education.

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