Fibri Tech


FibriTech (Warsaw) develops new technologies of forming environmentally friendly materials.  The new type of fibri-material is of organic nature, mainly based on plant fibres. It can be easily recycled or turned back to nature (degraded, composted). The fibri-material is an alternative to plastics and other non-sustainable materials that are polluting the Earth while exploiting limited resources, contributing to the circular economy by reducing waste and pollution by using renewable organic resources. Again potential applications of this technology are countless – as proven in the Proof-of-Principle phase of the R&D works – and include paper, construction or food industries, to name a few. Implementation of this unique technology and business development initially target agriculture market.


Tomasz Ciamulski, Co-Founder

PhD from Warsaw University of Technology in electromagnetic analysis and over 20 years of experience as research engineer, creator of international R&D projects, and founder. Direct experience in bridging industry-science cooperation and commercialization of technologies. International entrepreneurial acumen with first startup experience from Norwegian ecosystem. Serial entrepreneur, founder of WiSub AS (acquired) and Elnovel Hardware House.

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