Cardio Technology


Cardio Technology (Lublin) – a team of engineers and scientists run by Michał Kudraszew, who are working hard to design and test an innovative implant solution to support chemotherapy in the treatment of malignant brain tumors; an innovative and unorthodox method that could help patients (estimated prolonged overall survival up to 30 months); and a potential deal-breaker that can attract big players in the med-tech sector;
NOTE: positive results of the Proof-of-Principle (PoP) phase completed in May 2019.


Michał Kudraszew, Board Member & acting CEO

a graduate of Warsaw University of Technology, M.Sc. Engineering with experience from several companies: project management for electronic engineering, mechatronics and robotics, working with SCRUM framework as a Scrum Master as well as knowledge in the fields of: medical devices, automotive, wearables, consumer electronics.

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