BB VC Portfolio online meetup on covid-19 strategies

Friday’s online meetup of 23 Founders and Friends within BB VC portfolio was a blast! Many thanks for all who joined and shared their views and experience with handling the crisis so far!

Hat tip for our Partner Wojtek Burkot, whose presentation framed the discussion and navigated through the Covid-19 information chaos.

Slides shared here: Survival & Expansion with the Black/White Swan of 2020 (slightly updated after the event) and a recording of Wojtek’s presentation below:

First main impression, not too surprising, is that our portfolio is well positioned on a selection of charts analyzing market consequences of the current pandemic. This was confirmed by data we collected from Founders over the last week.

Now is the time for us to work hard #together to fight this #covid19crisis and use it as an #opportunity!

Slawomir Pietrzyk Konrad Wlodarczyk Piotr Jablonski Michał Misiek Wiktor Warchałowski Susan Kim-Chomicka Agnieszka Szpara Tomasz Ciamulski Tomasz Kowalski Marcin Szary Rafal Jaworowski Rafal Han Jan Guenther Jacek Kosiec Kacper Nowicki Michael Mikulski Tomasz Zmysłowski