BBVC Partners Series: our why and how of running vc

First episode of BBVC Partners Series “Our Why and How of Running VC” brought to you by: Andrzej Targosz & Wojtek Burkot, co-founders and partners at Bitspiration Booster VC.

In this intro episode you will hear, among other things, Andrzej & Wojtek’s personal views and opinions:
WHY did they came up with the idea of building their own VC few years ago
WHAT is it that BBVC is looking for when talking to startups
HOW do we decide if a project is worth investing by a VC

But also some experiences of sharing time between working as entrepreneurs and VC partners. And impressions on risk taking, “AI”, drones, marketplaces or blockchain and more…

If you’d like to hear about your startup idea or a recent investment you heard in the media – and what Andrzej and Wojtek think about it (would they invest or not and why) – PLEASE LET US KNOW IN COMMENTS SECTION on YT!