Math behind VC – webinar for investors

Masks off, we are on!

December 21st, 3PM (CET), BB VC offices – a Live Webinar “Math behind the VC” was brought to you by our Partners Wojtek Burkot & Andrzej Targosz.

‘When you read about tech trends in popular media, it can be a bit too late to start investing. Being ahead of the curve is what works. And for thay you need deeper understanding of tech and its potential.’

Wojtek Burkot
BB VC partners in their usual outfits, masks on.

At the first part of the webinar Wojtek discussed some mathematical models behind VC investment strategies, which were followed by a live Q&A session via chat with participants.

The second part, for existing investors of BB VC only, was an update on our portfolio startups’ status and our plans for 2021, delivered by Andrzej.

BB VC has started a 2nd capital call in its BB2 fund – raising ca. 2m USD. For more information on ticket size and deadlines, please contact Oskar Grzegorczyk at

Recording of the webinar (in Polish)