Founders’ Meetup with Balderton Capital

This Thursday our Founders had yet another opportunity to run Q&A session with a big global VC player, this time: Balderton Capital, focusing on Round A investments.

Our guest speaker was Lars Fjeldsoe-Nielsen, Partner at Balderton Capital – who before joining VC world, worked for some of the top tech global brands – Uber, Dropbox and WhatsApp. The discussions were insightful, detailed and took way longer than initially planned…

Here are some fresh take-aways from participants: – Inspiring advice in “people first” thinking and how important it is to build a strong company culture. Question to be answered by us: Are we the 0.3% companies that are worth the money from VCs. – Jan Guenther, CEO – Lars reminded about the human face of VC. Beyond money, goals, terms, technology there is always a relation between people. With “chemistry” happening there you are in a far better position. I couldn’t agree more with him as this is what clicked between IS-Wireless and BB VC. – Sławek Pietrzyk, CEO IS-Wireless.

At BB VC we work with portfolio Founders at (pre-)seed stage to prepare and plan further investment early. This meetup was one in the series of exclusive Q&As with top European VCs, supporting startups scaling globally.

Balderton Capital is focused exclusively on backing the best European-founded technology companies. In the two decades since their founding in 2000, they have worked with hundreds of extraordinary European founders, and have raised eight funds totalling more than $3bn. More info: