Airly grows investor dream team with $3.3m round

Spring of 2021 starts great with Airly finally sharing the Big News. 💥💥

After a smaller round last year, with Richard Branson’s Virgin, now more global VCs together with angel investors, who co-created multi-billion dollar companies like BoltUberPipedriveHenkel or even the legendary WIRED – all on board! Bitspiration Booster VC made a follow-on investment too 🙌

This is more important than numbers. Airly grows its impressive investor team and pushes its intelligent sensor network to another level. Europe and US are going to get their hiperlocal air pollution data with actionable insight – something that is invaluable in the global fight to #RepairTheAir 🔍👊 💨

Read more of some insightful context of their mission in the English edition of Forbes: Airly Founders Raise $3.3 Million To Help Repair The Air

The previous round in 2020 saw – among others – Richard Branson posting about Airly, with some 18 million followers on Linkedin only. More on the investment here: Branson family-backed startup raises $2m for global air quality platform

Once again, congratulations to the whole Airly Team, as we’ve been there all the way from the beginning and we saw this coming! Hat tip and… time to get back to work 🙂

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